Reasons to #Whole30


Found this today via Facebook (Ah… the magic of social media!) and I couldn’t agree with it more!  Seriously people!  The Whole30 is a life changing experience!

I couldn’t agree more with  #2!

All of the sudden, food has an entirely new meaning.  Prior to my first Whole30, I couldn’t imagine my life without my protein powder and peanut butter, or the copious amounts of protein bars that I used to guzzle down when in need of a quick pick-me-up.  And yet… during my last Whole30, I felt amazing without!  In fact – I believe the first words that I used to describe the sensation was “like being on fire…”  It was seriously out of this world!

And here we are at Day 4 … a bit rough to be honest as I am now realizing how many things I had let slip back into my diet over the past few months.  Regardless, my spirits are not damped but rather invigorated as I am looking forward to feeling the same emotions again!


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